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How to Be More Sustainable in Your Everyday Life.

Now we know more about fashion’s impact on our planet and the ways we can reduce it. But what does sustainability mean to you personally? If you are still a beginner when it comes to sustainable lifestyle, then follow these tips and learn how you can help us save the planet from home.

Tweaking and adjusting your day to day activities can result in helping secure a sustainable future for the generations after us - and here's the thing, there's no need for it to be exhaustive.


1. Turn it off
Electricals on standby unnecessarily use up energy. With energy conservation being one of the most important steps you can take to reduce your carbon footprint, flick the switch and see huge improvements, most noticeably in your energy bills.


2. Invest
Go further than just turning it off, make sure you use tech that is energy efficient. By this you are saving even more energy, even when your appliances are in use.


3. Treat your clothes with care
Take proper care for your wardrobe and save energy, by using cold water when spinning them in your washing machine. While you're at it, instead of throwing them into a dryer, hang them on a line and let them relax in the sun. (More tips on this very soon!)


4. Stay conscious.
Take note of what you buy on your weekly grocery run. Are you at the local grocery every 3 days buying junk plastic items wrapped in plastic bags? Even if that isn't your particular schism, rethink what you're throwing away over a 1-week period - learn to reduce/reuse/recycle (3 R’s) wherever possible.


5. Keep on learning.
There are and will be always many different ways to live a sustainable lifestyle. Do your research, see what fits to your way of living. Explore and stay curious!


"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’’ - Tao Te Ching