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A Bag You Can Brag About

During this period of endlessly turning prevailing fashions, the growing problem of climate crisis, nothing feels more vital than the constant devotion to timeless beauty. At Splash, we respect this dedication particularly through inspiring creativity and innovation across all of our operations, making genuine items that are mindful, sophisticated and practical – while also leaving space for our team and customers’ personal creative touches. Classic pieces that never bore you, pieces that you can wear for as long as you want, and that look stylish on you any time of the year.

Our new collection of water-based PU bags is another step forward towards a more sustainable future of fashion. This material is an improved version of eco-friendlier and healthy artificial leather that has beneficial properties. For example, the way it is produced can reduce the energy consumption and requires minimum water and gas waste. But the story doesn’t end there… The physical properties of the material allow for different product designs and feels just as soft and full, not speaking of its better scratch resistance which will help you to preserve your bag for generations!

Stay tuned with our weekly Splash blogs about sustainability & fashion and check out our chic bags that you can actually brag about to your friends while helping us build a more sustainable future for fashion!

Love the Planet.