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Athleisure - the New Casual Wear

For many, after the long days of quarantining at home plus cancellations of social events, the new “casual” has not remained the same. While we have switched our formal shirts and dresses to pretty pajamas and comfy home clothing, we have changed the way we go out of the house now. Have you tried leaving the house in the same clothes you wore at home and feel normal? Be it your workout outfit or some oversized tee, it feels like a full-on casual outfit. At Splash, we refer to this new prevalent “style” as athleisure, a combination of athletic wear and leisure clothes.


Moving forward, as people’s interest in athleisure has been increasing, somebody should pay attention to how we can reduce our impact and continue to push forward our sustainable initiatives. If you paid attention to our Instagram, you probably noticed the recent Splash Kappa x Love the Planet campaign inspired by the new athleisure trend and our commitment to reducing our impact on the planet. For example, the Kappa collection features the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), organic cotton with sustainable sourcing. Some of our other athletic wear features the N9 Pure Silver, which helps preserve your garments, and so on.


We want to make sure that you, the fashion lovers, can express your athleisure style and always be conscious when shopping. 


Love Athleisure. Love the Planet.


Blog written by Aruka Boredpuma.

Art made by Fera Boredpuma.