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When Denim became Better-Denim

A story of Denim Evolution and Redemption


"I have often said that I wish I had invented blue jeans: the most spectacular, the most practical, the most relaxed and nonchalant. They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity — all I hope for in my clothes." 
-Yves Saint-Laurent


For years, your favorite blue jeans have been a fashion staple that makes all outfits look cool. But, despite its simplicity and modesty, denim production on its own has a detrimental impact on the environment.


Did you know that one pair of denim requires thousands of liters of water and a thousand such pairs can fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool?

Every year, heaps of denim pairs are bought, and enormous amounts of water is used to make them.




This is because the conventional denim production uses techniques that are water-intensive and are known to pollute the water bodies with dangerous chemicals. In light of this, our responsibility becomes to act consciously and get ready for an overdue reckoning.


Back Story of our Denims

The denim industry has travelled the world bringing so many unique stories with it. Denims started as a sturdy fabric for a workman’s outfit and now it has evolved into fashionable styles for all.

The iconic denim jeans, one of our fashion staples, was first invented in the 1800s and has been worn by horseback riders, miners, and celebrities for many years. Over a century, the denim industry evolved from modest beginnings to a big industry, but recently the real story behind the sturdy denims have questioned its integrity.


Splash’s way to Redemption with #BetterDenims

Use of harmful industrial practices in denim production has tarnished its reputation. To redeem our denims, we turned to new technologies for our Better Denim Collection. These denims use green manufacturing techniques and have a much lesser impact on the environment. The water-efficient techniques use far less water and produce far less pollution, making the denims sustainable. These eco-conscious denims come with great comfort and high quality. 


How to be a Fashion eco-warrior with our Better Denims?

1. Pick our Water Efficient Denims

“Water, water everywhere, Nor any drop to drink”, the famous line from the poem by Samuel Taylor, reminds us that the invisible war of water crisis is not over yet. To fight better we, as a growing business, have taken a step to convert water consuming denim to water efficient denim.

With the help of our Water Efficient process, we aim to make a healthier version of denim. During the treatment cycle, dye drainage is eliminated, and any residue water is purified and recycled further, leaving Zero Discharge at the end. This way we get the rich indigo sustainably.


2. Pick Our Better Cotton Initiative Denims

The dark side of inefficient cotton cultivation poses a great threat to sustainability. The excessive use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers and unhealthy irrigation techniques have an adverse effect on human health and on wastewater. To make our cotton denims more sustainable we took BCI’s help to ensure higher quality cotton with much less impact on the environment.

Through BCI, cotton farmers can grow cotton in a more efficient, sustainable, and eco-friendly way, using innovative technologies. This creates a steady income for farmers and ensures a better standard of living.


3. Pick Our Tencel Denims

Tencel fiber, which is obtained from eucalyptus trees, is used for many of our Tencel and blended Tencel denims.

These fibers derived from sustainable forests are completely biodegradable and considered as one of the softest fibers. Due to its high absorbency, much less dye is used, and it is manufactured in a closed-loop process. Tencel has the added advantage of using 85% lesser.


"I've worn jeans until they're ripped all the way around the crotch, and I can't wear them any longer. You get so attached to jeans, they're like old friends."
-Lily Donaldson


Denims, our favorite fashion staple requires a new eco-conscious image. When we process the fabric correctly and produce it consciously, we can make an eco-friendly and sustainable denim. So, feel comfortable in your favorite jeans as you choose from our Better Denim's collection. It is a comfort miracle in new fits, washes, and color.