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How to wear block colours like a pro this Spring!

Colour blocking? I’m intrigued!

Simply put, colour blocking is the combination of various solid blocks of colour - creating the most captivating outfits. A single piece of clothing with two (or more) solid colours or different (solid coloured) pieces of clothing paired together – both count as colour blocking!

Three ways to go!

Monochromatic – Single out one colour that flatters your figure or brings out a prominent feature of yours and opt for different shades of the chosen colour. Mix and match the fabrics and texture for some extra fun!

Same colour family – In order to do this, you may have to use the rainbow as aid! All you need to do is choose one side of the rainbow- shades of either purple, green and blue or yellow, orange and red (and even pink) and go crazy!

Contrasting tones – One way to stand out is to pick extreme opposites! Selecting the right colours can get quite tricky, therefore, opt for a bright colour and a more subtle shade of the opposite colour. This is one way to express your vibrant personality!


Don’t fret if you’re new to the art of colour blocking! A stand-alone is an already colour blocked garment/piece of clothing where the designer has already done the job for you – yay!

Now that you are a pro and know how to rock block colours, this Spring is when you get to be bold with your outfits!