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Everything around us oozes the revitalizing essence of nature, the aura of nature is so potent to the point that when it leaks, it stimulates all the senses in our body. This is exactly why we brought fresh talent to the table in order to capture the true essence of nature in all it's glory. Splash understands the beauty of nature and the importance of protecting the environment, the same environment that has provided for us since the beginning of time, this is exactly why almost all of our clothing is 90% sustainable and environment friendly.



There’s something about Rasha that is so magical, we couldn’t decide if it was her soothing personality or her tranquil presence. Rasha emancipates an alluring vitality that just draws you in almost instantly. Rasha is an environmental activist that passionately supports the environment and works towards solutions to make the world a better place, she is also the founder of “Enta Green,” which is an organization that aid’s all kinds of environmental-based solutions. By using a contrast between darker and paler tones for her choices of clothing, we managed to encapsulate the root of her lively spirit. Rasha believes that change occurs one step at a time which is why she so heavily advocates for the environment.



The minute you look at Shaima, the first thing that stands out is her warm contagious smile, you very quickly grasp the vibrant energy that follows her everywhere she goes. Shaima is also a proficient horse rider, fashion and lifestyle enthusiast. Her styling process involved using cozy clothing that she could completely express herself with. Infact, Shaima loves nature so immensely that it is the reason why she “loves taking pictures in it, with it and of it”.


Khaled Alawadhi

Khaled is a courageous, young and inspiring individual who is just naturally tapped into the essence of the world. Ever since he was young, his father had always supported his keen interest for adventure and exploration. As he grew older, it was then this keen interest that slowly evolved into something much more beautiful, something that then allowed him to give back to Mother Nature and contribute positively to the environment around him. We styled him with minimalistic clothing and tones because we wanted to bring out the purity of his loving soul.