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Fashion is a form of self-expression. Expression follows awareness. Sustainable fashion is all about being aware of the social and environmental costs of our buying habits. Why exactly do we need sustainable fashion? The answer is quite simple: it’s time we start protecting this planet we call our home. Sustainable fashion safeguards the environment, the factory workers, and our future.


Safeguarding our forests and protecting their diverse functions is the main goal of Splash Fashion’s #LoveTheForest campaign


This road to a greener and heathier home for ourselves starts with us and our buying patterns. As tempting as it may be to impulse-buy the next pretty thing you see, we will all feel a tad bit better if we buy something that does its bit to save the planet. As the very first step, you can start by looking out for eco-conscious brands like Splash Fashions which recognizes its responsibility towards the planet and the impact it can make. With its #LoveTheForest campaign, Splash pledges to aid in protecting the life- giving forests that do so much for our planet.


Without trees life as we know it would simply not exist


Forests help maintain water quality and stabilize soil, help mitigate adverse effects of climate change, provide livelihoods to millions of people, and house countless living species. These are just a few reasons to start taking a closer look at your wardrobe and buying clothes which are produced sustainably. The awareness of and adherence to sustainable fashion is an ethically conscious choice, and Splash Fashions has already made headways in this direction.


Saying no to plastic packaging
Did you know that a staggering 91% of plastic is not recycled? In its effort to conserve biological diversity, Splash Fashions has for long used The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) paper in all garment tags and packaging. By using FSC paper in packaging, the amount of plastic heading to landfills has seen a huge reduction. This also allows us to ensure that the paper is sourced sustainably and responsibly.


Quality surpasses all
The bright and summery viscose fabric clothing at Splash Fashions is certified, sustainable and of premium quality. Other than offering breathability, a soft feel and comfort, the viscose fibre is made from cellulose or wood pulp from fast-growing, regenerative trees. These environment-friendly fabrics are excellent sustainable alternatives in your eco-conscious fashion journey.


Recycle & repeat
It is no surprise that sustainable fashion reduces your carbon footprint, which in turn decreases the emission of greenhouse gases and the negative impacts of climate change. In another step towards sustainability, Splash Fashions participated in the Recyclable Paper Collection campaign organized by the Emirates Environmental Group. Splash Fashions played its part by successfully completing the campaign and demonstrated that investing in healthy land as part of green recovery is essential for preventing future crises caused by climate change and nature loss.


Join us in our pledge to #LoveTheForest and help inspire everyone around you towards eco-friendly and sustainable living.


When we start recognizing the impact of our buying decisions, we decide to be a part of the solution. Sustainable fashion teaches us to love our clothes through conscious consumerism. So, the next time you’re out shopping or browsing a website online, make an environmentally conscious decision.