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What’s in our Vacay bag? 

This endless summer has got us living out of our suitcases. With the world opening up and holiday fashion once again dominating our social media feeds, our vacay bag is always packed in anticipation of the next adventure. From breezy beach shorts to swimwear to sunny dresses – these holiday styles are carefully curated to see you through every occasion and destination.


Whether you want to dress like a Parisian and take a leisurely stroll shopping for holiday trinkets or soak up some sun in the Maldives or just enjoy a day out in your city with friends— a vacation is all about creating memories in showstopping clothes like the ones we have packed in our throw-and-go bag.


So, get ready! We are here to spill some secrets!


A dress is a must!

Statement sleeves, voluminous silhouettes, and tropical prints – life in a dress is like an everlasting vacation. The one item that every great vacation needs is a cute, feminine dress in a pastel shade. Easy to style with flip-flops and stilettos, you can always dress up or pare down these faithful styles depending on the occasion.

 Pro tip: More is always better when it comes to spending your holiday in style. So, pack on the Gingham, ditsy florals & abstract prints!


Kaftan on the shore

If there is one word to describe our holiday style, it would be relaxed. Your itinerary needs to let you savour sweet moments like glorious sunsets, long walks in the woods, and extensive brunches. That's why we suggest resort wear that boasts a breezy, no-fuss silhouette with bright prints.

Aqua blue, watermelon pink, fresh cyan, and candy rose – our go-to colors of the season exude holiday vibes like none other. From sleeveless maxi to short dresses to stylish kaftans, these statement dresses champion comfort and easy charm.


Beach hair, don’t care

Modest or modern? cool pineapple or aquatic prints? there is a sea of options when it comes to choosing swimwear from the Splash holiday collection.

Whether you enjoy lounging by the deck or chasing waves in the deep blue ocean, stylish swimwear is something that every holiday bag must include as you set to get your summer dose of vitamin Sea.


Denim – a love that never fades

An incredibly versatile holiday staple that finds a constant place in our checklist is stylish and comfy denim. Wear them in dresses, shirts, jackets, or pants— denim is all you that you need to create memorable holiday looks. The best part? They are perfect for all weather – you can wear them at sea, on land, or as you jet set in the skies — no holiday is complete without packing your favourite denim.