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The easy guide to building a sustainable capsule closet

There is something new in the air every season, from setting life goals to adjusting your personal routine – or even looking for a fresh style of dressing. Perhaps you are rethinking your fashion taste, purging your closet of unworn items, moving towards a more sustainable line of clothing, or elevating your collection of wardrobe essentials.

To help, this summer, we will get you ready with a capsule closet of Splash’s exciting, vibrant, and sustainable collection. A must-have for every wardrobe, this collection will appear irresistible while offering a perfect yin-yang balance of fashion staples and sustainable options.



But, wait, what exactly is a capsule closet? You may ask.

Basically, it's about removing everything you will never wear and replacing it with core pieces that pair perfectly with everything. It is a very sustainable approach and makes the closet look aesthetically clean and organized.

Sounds a bit daunting, doesn’t it?

Well, you need not worry; in this month's blog, we are taking you through 4 simple steps that will help you to find your perfect capsule while saving the planet. Here's to investing in the timeless, long-lasting sustainable collection that you'll love in the Summer of '22.


Step 1. Get the Summer Basics Ready!

It is impossible to picture a full wardrobe without it. This is the outfit we wore as children, on weekends and in the early mornings, whether we were eating breakfast at home or hanging out with friends at night. It is a part of us.

It is the basic Tee.

Yes, you read it right, our first step is to purchase a good range of comfy, breathable, and sustainable basic Tees. Reach out to the store or to Splash’s website and you will find yourself surrounded by these eco-friendly cotton blends, Tencel, Sustainable Viscose, Lenzing Modal, and BCI Cotton Polos, Tops, and Tees.

Go bonkers with the colors! They'll look perfect with swimsuits, denim, formals, or even your night pajamas.



Step 2. Get the ‘Goes with everything Denim’

Well, you must admit no wardrobe can ever be complete without a great pair of denim. You can buy it new, or you can go for a vintage, denim will always bring out the best in you.

But why only our Better Denim?

Our Better Denims come in a range of options. Some come with the comfort of knowing that our farmers are taken care of (BCI Cotton), while some come with the comfort of nature (Tencel and Water efficient technology). Choose any and you can be assured that we care about the planet.



3. Beat The Heat Activewear

Well, it’s never too late for New Year’s Resolutions to come true! Whether you plan to go for a run today, next week, or next month, we have got you and your conscience covered.

Featuring recycled polyester blends with antibacterial and cooling properties, Splash's Love the Planet line includes track pants, joggers, athletic tees, lightweight jackets, and sporty bras. 

So, grab a set, whatever suits you the best, a casual gym outfit, stunning beach shorts, yoga pants, or anything that will give you the much-needed go. But don’t forget to check the green tag for sustainability features.



4. The Stay in Style Collection

We have been quite specific about what we consider the best in the last three steps, but this summer is about feeling cool, relaxed, comfortable, and staying Just the way you are- as Bruno Mars might say. So, for the 4th Step, we suggest that you seek out the styles that inspire and define you.



Iris Apfel is absolutely on point – Fashion is about attitude and self-expression. We adore the styles you decide to carry and thus, we ask you to pick out an outfit that makes you feel special. It can be those floral maxi dresses or A-Line Skirts or cargo pants, or anything that gives you the confidence to slay the day. And don’t you worry about being green with your favorite style, Splash provides a range of sustainable options for you to choose from. Look out for the Green Love the Planet Tag and Boom! You have found your perfect outfit.


P.S. - The Craziest part is if you have already purchased our products from Love the Planet Collection, then, congratulations you are our accidental environmentalist.