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Recycle as a True Artist.

Throwing things “away” doesn’t just end there. It all has to go somewhere. That’s why the idea of things being produced in a sustainable manner has also to do with how many times and how it can be RECYCLED.

Artwork for Splash By Fera Boredpuma.

The truth is that when we no longer use or want something, we don’t necessarily have to throw it to waste. Upcycling is one way to creatively solve the waste problem and preserve our resources. Most of us don’t even realize that upcycling can be of use everywhere in our lives! For example, your neighbor growing plants inside a decorated can, or using old car tires as a cool coffee table, and so much more!


Apart from the fact that you are helping to reduce waste, you are also embracing your inner artist because what one can do in such cases, has endless possibilities. And the world will always be a better place with more creative minds coming together to express themselves and save the planet.


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