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As we mark another historic International Women’s Day celebration, our mission continues to be to empower women through fashion that represent their true self. Our timeless muse, women have long been inspiring us to create a world where women are supported by fashion that makes them comfortable, seen, represented, and celebrated – no matter what size, colour, shape, or social standing. 

Dressing our superheroes has been the most satisfying part of our journey and here is a quick round-off of iconic Splash looks that empower women to express themselves with confidence in every role that they play in life.


The nurturer


Empowerment does not follow a rule book; it is not just padded-shoulder jackets and high heels; even modest clothing and dreamy dresses can give you the confidence boost. If caring for your loved ones is your superpower and your aesthetics are drawn to a palette of soft pastels, eclectic prints, and flowy silhouettes, then look no further than our new collection of dresses and printed tops.


The rule maker


There is no one-style-fits-all formula when it comes to finding your perfect piece. We love a girl who breaks the glass ceiling – whether in fashion or life. Our collections are infused with the versatility to help you layer pieces to create fits that truly speak your thoughts and dreams. From jackets to hoodies to graphic tees to shirt dresses, you will always find pieces in our collection to reinvent fashion rules. More power to you!


The Boss


A pink power suit, a polo-collared tee or a shirt dress complete with trainers – power dressing is to bring the boss-girl within you to the forefront. Whether you are running a business meeting or making an Instagram reel, every girl needs outfits that say they are here to take charge of their destiny and life.


The Artist


A touch of bohemia, pops of colours and vibrant prints – the artists find the brighter side of fashion to create an impact. To be creative is a gift and what better way to flaunt your gift than make a statement with fashion that captures your imaginative spirit in playful clothes rapt with prints, hues and mesmerizing abstract overtones.


The Gamechanger


The spirit of resilience that shines in every woman to go against adversities to make a mark for herself is truly commendable. Whether you are running the race of your life or challenging the limitations set by society, you can always find great activewear in our collection to help you on your journey.


The Queen


Every woman is a queen and needs a sparkling number or two in her wardrobe, reserved for those special social gatherings. Glammed in sparkles or sophisticated in muted dresses with intricate beading— the world bows down to your strength as you make an entrance.