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Eid dressing for men is often a tricky affair. With choices overloaded with traditional design codes, there are only a handful of styles that could master the balance of looking effortlessly festive. This year’s Splash Eid collection for men is a breakaway from this drudgery of settling for uninspiring festive styles.

Our mood board for Eid is all things prints, colours, and fun. It’s festive without looking dated; sophisticated yet not dreary, and opulent without trying too hard. Fiery orange, deep black, and rugged taupe tell the story of our land that has become the melting point of traditions and cultures. It palpates with the ferocity of the tiger – a rich reference to 2022 being the year of the tiger— and reimagines feline beauty in spots and stripes to etch out the wild magnetism of nature.

Still looking for festive inspirations to ease into Eid? your search ends here with this truly one-of-a-kind festive edit.



The big cat leaps out of fiery tongues of flame to add theatric appeal to your Eid dressing. Taking streetwear to new heights, the collection plays with retro-inspired silhouettes; the orange tiger stripes bring an aesthetic that is fashion-forward, to say the least. Since Eid is also a time for family, we enjoy the symbolism at play when you sport the tiger print – for there is none more protective of its pack than the magnificent tiger.

With the feline print splashed across t-shirts, shorts and casual shirts, there is no missing the memo on being dressed to kill (pun intended) this Eid.    



The feral wilderness of the forest has deeply inspired our Eid styles, for the jungle cats are a true representation of the creative eye that only nature could possess. With black striped shirts in a deep shade of golden, and t-shirts designed like spots on a glistering leopard skin – the collection tries to capture the regal poise and splendor of the creature in graphic details. 

Relaxed tailoring of the key pieces also sees that the collection is not just about Eid, but also makes great additions to any alpha wardrobe. From music festivals to casual dinners to dreamy holidays – animal prints will let you roam the concrete jungles with dignified charm.

Any parting style tips, you ask? Well, if an understated yet bold look is what you are aiming for, then styling the Leo print with solid colours will give you a definite refined edge.