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A wave of nostalgia and fandom takes over the season, with anime, manga, pop culture, and cartoon characters coming to the forefront of our fashion universe. The Character Fest at Splash is a bold expression of creativity, vivid imagination, and whimsical cosplay, with streetwear-inspired silhouettes, graphic prints, and intricate details blurring the lines between fashion and fiction.


A collection that is strictly for fans, the edit includes key pieces like core t-shirts, sweatshirts, denim, resort wear, and accessories like caps, totes, and backpacks. With zingy graphics and recognizable catchphrases, the collection lets you profess your love for the characters in true Splash style!


Still at the gates of Splash Character Fest? Here’s your guide to shop 5 must-have essentials to enter the Splash Character universe.


T-shirts - core, acid washed, hi-low & more

The easiest way to step into the character world is to add a touch of fanfare to your everyday t-shirts. The new drop features a decadent assortment of graphic t-shirts, each paying homage to different iconic characters and moments. From the enigmatic Professor in a Dali mask from Money Heist to the eerie masks of Squid Games, these t-shirts serve as wearable canvases for fans to display their passion. If shows aren’t your thing, you can join the squad with a t-shirts featuring Naruto or your trusted Disney gang. From crew necks to hi-low to relaxed, boxy cuts to varsity shirts – there are plenty of options here for fans and fashion enthusiasts alike. 


Sweats & hoodies

Don’t keep your character looks only for the summers. With nippy evenings soon upon us, it is time to infuse your transitional wardrobe with character flair. With sweatshirts, hoodies, and t-shirts boosted with a hood, the collection features anime-style artworks, cartoons, and motifs that pay homage to the characters you have grown to love. From epic scenes to subtle references, these hoodies combine comfort with striking visuals and are a must-have in your layering arsenal.


Resort wear

If you are looking for a touch of sophistication with a side of fun, make sure to include these resort-wear shirts adorned with intricate designs inspired by anime, cartoons, and manga. These lightweight shirts with Naruto’s ninja style and Dragon Ball’s power are perfect for adding a hint of whimsy to summer outings or vacations.


Accessories to razzle-dazzle

Another fail-safe way to flaunt your love for the characters is through your accessories. From tote bags adorned with iconic imagery to caps featuring show-inspired logos and backpacks designed to resemble game tokens, these accessories allow fans to make a statement while on the go.


Denim to match

The list is incomplete without denim options to complement your graphic t-shirts and shirts. From slim knit jeans to jogger-style open-hem pants with drawstring waists— there are plenty of denim styles in the collection to elevate your looks. The only trick is to opt for classic styles that will let your graphic piece be the hero.


Whether you are a devoted fan or simply someone looking to infuse your wardrobe with pop culture flair, here’s your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get into character and rule the streets! Join the fun and shop the collection, now available in-store and online.