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The Ultimate Spring Styles for Men

Spring is the perfect time to reinvent and welcome new silhouettes and fresh colours in your wardrobe. With its finger on the fashion pulse, the Splash Spring collection for men is infused with optimism that signals ‘New Beginnings’ with bright colours, assorted prints, soft pastels and elevated trends.


We are going for the whole ‘new clothes, new me’ vibe here with handpicked looks, designed to shake you out of your fashion rut and inspire your wardrobe with the much-needed adventure.


Aloha Spring!

There is no better way to welcome Spring than switch your dull, daytime looks for a fun Hawaiian shirt. Bursting with sunny happiness, tropical prints set the tone for this season. A relaxed fit that can easily transform into resort wear, eye-catching prints are just the thing you need to make a statement.


Cool Polo

If restrained charm is a trend, polos are the showstoppers with their formal yet casual aesthetic. A highly structured piece, printed knit polos are all the rage this Spring. P.S: Don’t miss out on earthy tones that capture the essence of the season in delightful abstract prints.


Varsity Prep

From the school of cool, our varsity knit sets are iconic pieces of timeless fashion. With stripped bands on the sleeves and a prominent chest patch in the front, these stylish fits add a youthful twist that makes.


Pastel Pop

Inspired by the refined, ultra-stylish aesthetics of Korean Streetwear, comfort dressing finds an edge of softness with pastel colours. Sleeveless hoodies, oversized sweatpants, smart layering – this fashion-forward trend leaps right out of the K-pop rulebook.


Colour block

A stark contrast from the all-black and navy hanging in your closet, a sweatshirt that brings back the athleticism of the roaring 80’s is the best find this Spring. There is a quiet luxury that lingers in these comfort fits that get colour blocking right with a fresh palette of Lilac, Mint, Beige. Pared down or amped up, these sweaters command style with effortless ease.



New Formals

In the new relaxed world order, we do not compensate on comfort, instead, we find creative ways to elevate formal dressing. Enter mixed formals – for those occasions where you need to dress your fashionable best. Layering is the name of the game here, and we are particularly loving the magic of bright oranges and green contrasting against earthy tones this season.