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Excerpts from fashion entries of exceptional everyday basics from Splash.


Hello lovelies!

Every day is a chance at a new adventure. Whether it is taking dance lessons, calling in sick to catch up on reruns of your favourite show, or just enjoying a day out with friends, life is too beautiful to be spent in boring clothes. Enter the new Basics Collection from Splash – it is uber- stylish, sustainable and a whole lot better for the planet!


6:00 am – Rise and Power


Basic Womenswear


A comfortable, soft, breathable fabric that stretches, moves and glides with your movement is all the motivation you need to get your morning workout started. The Basics activewear lets you sweat, stretch, run and leap without ever looking off-point.


8:00 am – But first, coffee


If a cup of joe is what gets you going in the morning, do it in style like a celebrity— with a drizzle of casual chic. The new Basics collection is buzzing with pastel casual tees and tailored pants that could make you as cool as a Barista knowing his way around a cuppa! And the best part: they are sustainable and made of earth-friendly technology.


9:00 am – Work in Style

Basic Womenswear


Elevating classics, experimenting with colours or layering for a statement look – whatever secret style formula you are brewing, we have just the perfect elements. With key pieces that are classic yet modern, the Splash Basics collection lets you build a sustainable and eco-conscious wardrobe that is as versatile as you are.


3:00 pm – Dabble in happiness

Basic Fashion


Break away from the mundane with a dash of happy colours. An elevated tee, layered jackets or a monochrome number? We say, there is nothing as stylish as a person who lives in the moment. We have a piece for every mood, day, and time, waiting to colour your imagination with.


6:00 pm – Back to cool

Basic Fashion Splash


Stripes, chequered shirts, plaid skirts, logo tees, varsity jackets – an evening out with friends is the perfect occasion to don on varsity-inspired styles. The Splash Basics sports a palette of warm green brimming with trendy silhouettes that add a sporty and sustainable twist to your wardrobe. Go team!


8:00 pm – Lounge in comfort

Basic womens fashion


Ah! Home at last! Slip into the oh-so-soft loungewear from the collection as you wind-up for the day. A rewatch of 90’s sitcoms or an impromptu dinner date, look polished in cozy and chic loungewear, even when you are done for the day!



Keep it more than just basic!