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Sportswear to Summer Up Your Workout Game

Planning on your gym outfit to appease the inner fitness freak in you does not have to be complicated – there are plenty of options out there! If you want your workout game to be the best, the clothes that you wear can also affect how much you get out of your gym sessions. Read on for a selection of gym clothes to purchase this summer!


Time for a run?

If you’re looking at affordability, functionality and the right amount of style – this short-sleeved, crew neck Kappa printed t-shirt is the answer. Not only do you have a wide variety to choose from, but you can wear this t-shirt for your hikes, jogs and runs and remain comfortable throughout.


Heading to the gym?

Is it that time of the day where you’re ready to work out? Not only does this Kappa printed sports bra look cool, but it is also ideal for strength training. Doesn’t matter if you’re new to the world of working out or are a pro, the quality of this sports bra speaks for itself!


Is it leg day yet?

If you’re on the lookout for the ultimate leggings for leg day at the gym, look no further than this striped leggings which come with an elasticized waistband for better performance. Leggings are extremely versatile and suit several fitness activities, so these pair of leggings are for those with packed fitness activities and routines.



Who’s up for a warmup?

The best part about workout t-shirts it that they are multi-faceted and can be worn for the warmup and right throughout your workout session. The slightly loose fit of the t-shirt keeps you cool by allowing heat to escape faster, providing gym-goers with a fuss-free fitness feeling!



Trying to fit a quick work out in?

There’s nothing better than a piece of clothing that is both sleek and which can be worn for multiple purposes. Have a quick errand to run and want to fit a brisk workout in too? These Kappa full-length printed pants are great for the transition.