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Plastic Bottles into Classic Backpacks

By the time you finish reading this blog post there is going to be over 1 million plastic bottles bought worldwide. Out of this number, less than 10% are going to be reused or recycled, and most of these bottles will end up in landfill, or even worse…our oceans.


While people still haven’t found the perfect solution to addressing the mass production and consumption of plastic bottles, it is possible to lessen the impact by applying the circular concept of recycling. At Splash, we always seek for new opportunities to experiment around making our practices more sustainable. Few weeks ago, we briefly talked about sustainable faux leather that we adopted in order to create stylish bags with less harm to our planet. Today, we are taking our RECYCLE pillar just another step further and introducing our backpack collection created from discarded plastic bottles. While it is impossible to control the dangerous amount of waste that plastic bottles create, it is worthwhile to consider reusing them in order to make cool things that can be useful to us for years instead of moments!

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