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With the season of festivities right around the corner, it is time to take your party dressing to new glittery heights. With sequins, glimmer, and glam, Splash is set to ring in the festivities with this brighter-than-ever festive collection.

To love celebration is to embrace the art of maximalist dressing – think studded dresses, shimmery pant suits, and metallic jackets— here’s a chance to be the crowing jewel of the season without much effort.

As the invitations roll in, let’s make our pick from these specially curated festive looks to make this the best party-stopping fashion moment of your life!


Bejeweled silver

Timeless is a black dress that is speckled in silver embellishment. A true fashionista’s choice— black and silver lend a theatrical charm to the festivities. With feminine silhouettes highlighted with glittering details, these dresses are perfect for any occasion. A formal dinner in a maxi dress or a knee-length dress for a casual party with friends? Here are the best party picks handed in a silver platter for you!



Metallic moments


If you are on the lookout for timeless pieces that can be worn to a daytime event and an after-hour party— your search ends here! Soft and sparkly, these shimmery dresses add a youthful charm with their delicate details and breezy silhouette. 


Shimmy Shimmery

Hey, do we see you putting on your dancing shoes? Let’s pack a lot of shine and movement into your celebration with this gorgeous dress. With tassels and sequins – this beauty is sure to bring back the vivacity of the 70s with its determinedly retro appeal.


Maroon soiree

If you are a fan of color and want to experiment with a palette that is rare and exciting, these high saturation numbers are sure to set your heart racing. Modest yet modern, these beautiful dresses are crafted in a rich maroon shade with a generous amount of metallic shimmer. Way to channel your celebratory spirit!


Playfully suited

For days you feel a little rebellious and want to ditch the dresses, we have you covered with these festive co-ord sets. Soft, shiny, and elegantly embellished, these beautiful no-fuss classics put a festive spin without putting in a ton of effort. Perfect for modest dressing, all you need is a statement accessory to round off your festive look.


Ombre jewels

With shimmers and sequins balanced by a structured silhouette, these ombre sets are sure to amp up the glam without straying too far into the over-the-top territory. Perfect to mix and match and use as a layering piece, these statement sets are sure to make you sparkle and shine everywhere you go.