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It’s the time of the year again! The celebrations of a new beginning, the coming together of family and friends, and the merry memory-making that accompanies it all. While the invites keep pouring in, the dress code urges you to think beyond your weathered black suit— we are just in time with the most inspiring looks from the Splash Love Celebration collection. These show-stopping looks are sure to keep you sartorially inspired and get you party-ready in no time.


Golden boy

If you haven’t got the memo yet – bling is in! These casual fits are the perfect looks to rock a party without being tied down with the formalities of wearing a suit. Embellished with gold graphics and patterns, these luxe tees pair well with denim and trousers.


Casual chic

A timeless trick to get party-ready is to add ample layers to your casual looks. Besides keeping you cozy as the night turns nippy, these motto-inspired jackets grab eyeballs even when you keep your overall style low-key. And of course, a classic black jacket with white accents paired with distressed denim is simple but oh-so-charming touch to any festive occasion. Way to go, stunner!


Majestic Prints

If you are not one to succumb to insipid soirees, here’s a chance to unleash your spirit animal. Vibrant and eye-catching these animal prints in saturated tones are fiercely fashionable and perfect for the alpha male. And, hey! there is no missing you on the dance floor with these stylish looks. 


Soft Shimmers

The delicate balance between edgy and classic is a handful of subtle shimmer. While black-on-black is a party-approved fit dating back years, the sure-proof way to upcycle this look is to add a shimmery sweatshirt. Without being showy, these statement pieces manage to bring the celebratory spirit to your dressing.


Soaring choices

This is an heirloom. Period. An elevated take on the denim jacket, this iconic piece has enough gravitas to stop the party in its track as you walk in. With the finery of gold and silver embellishment bringing forth the artistry of the eagle, this stand-out jacket is for someone who loves the spotlight. Reminiscent of the 70s, this theatric beauty deserves a place in your gifting list too!