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Embrace a greener future with Splash

The smooth hand-feel of nylon and its sturdy durability make it an ideal fabric for performance-based garments. Its natural water resistance allows sweat to be rapidly transferred from the body to the fabric surface and then released into the atmosphere. Additionally, nylon is wrinkle-resistant, so you won't have to iron it after washing.


But this is where the goodness of the fabric stops.

It has been a fact that Nylon has a deleterious impact on the environment. Virgin Nylon is non-biodegradable, and its improper disposal can lead to microplastic accumulation further leading to marine life decay. Compared to other plastic-based fibers, Nylon’s manufacturing is energy intensive and emits a huge amount of greenhouse gases causing global warming. Moreover, the process of manufacturing itself emits Nitrous Oxide which is much more harmful than carbon dioxide.


While nylon has significant flaws, its natural performance cannot be ignored. Due to its many benefits and few drawbacks, recycling the existing nylon was found to be the most suitable alternative. With recycled nylon, we can reduce our dependence on virgin petroleum. It will help in diverting discarded material and reducing greenhouse gas emissions from manufacturing. Additionally, nylon products that are no longer functional can be recycled into recycled nylon.


How is Recycled Nylon Made?

In order to produce recycled nylon, nylon waste, such as fishing nets and plastic scraps, has to be broken down into its individual chemical components. It is then possible to combine the components into nylon sheets once they have been separated. Recycled nylon fabric is manufactured in a similar manner to virgin nylon from this point on. The fibers are formed by heating nylon sheets and feeding them into a spinneret. Afterward, the fibers are woven into fabric.



Advantages of Our Recycled Nylon Products


Our Splash collection features the use of Recycled Nylon with N9 Pure Silver.


·They are Strong and Durable

Our Recycled Nylon has the perfect sturdiness for all your adventures. From Yoga to everyday running, we ensure longer durability.


·They are Lightweight

When we think of strength we also think of excessive weight. However, you will be glad to know that Recycled Nylon is incredibly lightweight, making it a workout-friendly product.


·They are Elastic

When recycled nylon is bent, pulled, or stretched, it springs back to its original shape, just like virgin nylon. The shape of your product will remain as flawless as you. 


·They provide all-day Freshness

Nothing is worse than the uncomfortable feeling of accumulated sweat. The Nylon fibers allow sweat from the body to quickly wick away into the atmosphere, leaving you fresh and dry.


·They have been made responsibly

Yes, you heard it right, recycled Nylon makes our splash collection a much more environment-friendly product than what virgin nylon might do.


The fact that recycled nylon and virgin nylon are essentially the same material is just one of many reasons why recycled nylon is a better option. We certainly have a long way to go before we can be proud of using responsibly sourced materials in our collection. Our efforts and those of other organizations are but a speck in a vast sea.


The need to preserve the environment and to be more sustainable has led to anticipation that recycled nylon and recycled fabrics will eventually replace virgin materials as the preferred ones in the fashion industry.