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It is finally time. Can you feel it? The buzz in the air, the excitement of new beginnings, and the irresistible urge to strut your stuff down those hallowed halls. Well, guess what? We have prepared the ultimate last-minute checklist for the little things you are likely to overlook on your way back to campus. Small but significant, these accessories, scarves, and backpacks add the finishing touch to your look.


So, bring on the markers - let’s check off things from this ultimate accessory list that will take your campus style to a whole new level of awesomeness.



Jawdropping is the word that comes to mind when you describe the new Back to Campus backpack collection. Backpacks are not just boring little book carriers anymore!  From rucksack-inspired silhouettes that will help you climb the social ladder to compact designs with ample pockets for your gadgets, bento boxes, and books to artistic prints that reflect your creativity— there are plenty of designs to choose from. And, hey! If you are not in the market for a backpack, you can always spoil yourself with a quirky tote or a sophisticated yet fun handbag-style bag. What say?



Hats off to the ultimate style enhancer—the cap! Whether you're having a bad hair day or simply want to add a dash of cool to your ensemble, our caps and hats are your go-to companions. From classic baseball caps to cute bucket hats, these beauties not just shield you from the sun but elevate your campus-style game.



Beyond just cinching your waist, belts are the accessories that will level up your outfit game. Want to revamp a boring dress? Add a belt. Need to look dapper for a presentation? Don’t forget to round off your look with a belt.


Whether you are a fan of sleek minimalism or eye-catching buckles, these belts are more than just functional—they are a statement. Mix them with your jeans, skirts, or even oversized tops for an effortlessly stylish look.



Curate your Back to Campus looks with a fun range of jewelry for both boys and girls. From delicate necklaces that whisper elegance to statement earrings that scream confidence to rings and bracelets that assert your uniqueness, the new and exclusive back-to-campus jewelry is designed for fashion mavens who enjoy putting together showstopping looks. So, mix, match, and layer to your heart's content!



Listen up, fashion chameleons! Scarves aren't just for winter coziness. They are your secret weapon to add that extra oomph to your ensemble. Tie it around your bag, wrap it like a bandana, or drape it like a boss—here's the ultimate game changer when it comes to elevating your outfits!


Don’t forget to shop for cute hair accessories too. From claw clips that will hold your loose layers in place to bow-shaped pins that polish your look to scrunchies that will double as bracelets— get ready to add some serious flair to your hair game this semester.



No cold feet this year – both literally and figuratively. With a few pairs of trusted, oh-so-comfy socks added to your cart, you are now all set to turn heads, set trends, and embrace our style with confidence. Whether you are stepping into a lecture hall, meeting up with friends, or just exploring campus, here’s to embracing a year filled with creativity, swag, and lots of new learning.


All the best, Squad! Have a great school year.