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The right lingerie is like a good hair day; it gives you an instant pick-me-up feel. While comfort is always essential, it is important to feel beautiful in what you wear, even if it’s only sleepwear. You could be a flamboyant dresser (Leos, we see you) or an elegant charmer like the tenacious Capricorn, or someone who is forever confused between glam and cute (no sweat, Gemini) – our new collection has the right pick for everyone.

With decadent fabrics like satin, lace, and sheer, the collection brings out your personality and, when paired right, can create a cosmic connection.

Browse through our carefully curated list to find your zodiac match for the summer. We are sure that they will keep you feeling beautiful inside and out!


Aries – Red Desire           

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The bold, fierce, and quick-witted Aries girl is not one to shy away from the limelight. We can imagine her slaying these red numbers with ease and aplomb. With beautiful colors and cuts that complement her fiery personality, these dreamy choices will keep her looking gorgeous day and night.


Taurus – luxe & pretty

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For the Taurus with hedonistic desires, we say lace...lace…and more lace. We know you like the finer things in life, and your lingerie and sleepwear at Splash are crafted with all things light, soft, and beautiful. The gorgeous Taurus girl will love to indulge in these pretty baby dolls and lace picks. 


Gemini – sweet or sultry?

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Naughty or nice? There’s no just one mood with Gemini. Whether you want to look comfy and cute or dress like the seductive goddess you are inside, these beauties will complement the duality of your personality.


Cancer – subtle elegance

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The sensitive and imaginative cancer is much like the crab that denotes its zodiac sign. Though they appear shy at first, don't let their calm demure fool you. The cool-headed Cancer is to enjoy the subtlety, elegance, and joy these beautiful picks bring.


Leo – feline sensuality


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For the fierce and bold Leo, who never fails to shine, these glamorous choices are sure to make them feel empowered. Majestic is the word that comes to our mind when we think of our lioness and her fine taste. Whether she decides to strut her sensuality or be the playful kitty— she is always the queen of the game.


Virgo – feminine flair


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Made for the Virgos, who channel their femininity with envious flair, these delicate beauties bring out their mysterious yet alluring charm. Lace, frills, and monotones seem to be the favorites of our Virgos, so get them before your fellow perfectionists beat you to it.


Libra – Soft drama

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For Libras, it’s all about balance. They don’t quite have the taking of Leo or Scorpio for theatrics, but they are far from boring. Our Libra girls enjoy comfort and style without being too loud about it, and these pretty choices are perfect for them.


Scorpio – Bold and Edgy


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The mysterious Scorpio is one whose gaze you cannot avert. She is no wallflower, so there is no dull fashion moment with her. Satin, lace, faux fur, and intricate work— our Scorpios know their fashion codes and are going to be mighty pleased with this gorgeous nightwear and lingerie assortmet we specially curated for them.


Sagittarius – open for adventure


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The Sagittarius girl is fun, fearless, and full of life. An oh-so-adorable shirt dress, or a midi nightie or a few patterns go a long way in getting her into the groove.


Capricorn – practical yet fun


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The original GOAT (Greatest of All Time) of casual fashion, Capricorns cherish their comfort. These night suits and cute lingerie are perfect for our confident girls who work hard but play harder.


Aquarius – Ocean Eyes 

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A mystic aura always surrounds the Aquarius girl. Her impeccable style makes her a showstopper everywhere, so why should her sleepwear and intimates be any different? We are sure that these beauties in blue will complement her unique style and keep her looking glamorous.


Pisces – Eternal Romance


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Romance is always in full bloom in the Piscean heart. Soft lines, a hint of satin, delicate sheer, and romantic hues complement the artistic nature of Pisces. These beautiful pieces are sure to make her go weak in the knees and get her shopping!